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Russ Andrews: ABS Peck Award Winner


    This is an opportunity to purchase a truly special knife. This very knife was one of the knives ABS Journeyman Smith, Russ Andrews submitted in 2002 for his JS stamp. Not only did he make the grade and receive his stamp, but this very knife also won the very prestigious Peck award. Naturally this knife has never been used. The knife comes with everything you see listed below. The two magazines the knife appeared in, It's sheath, and a zippered storage case which is not pictured. The knife sports a 10" blade of 5160, gorgeous Cocobolo handle, and stainless fittings. You can view larger versions of each of the pictures shown below by simply clicking on the picture. I might consider partial trades toward the knife but prefer cash. As many of you know the prices on custom knives especially forged Bowie knives has sky rocketed in the last year or so. Therefore I feel the amount I am asking for this knife is not out of line considering it is the recipient of a rather prestigious award. The price I am asking for this beautiful knife is $1300.00. If you are interested in this knife you can email me at blackjack@mchsi.com .